Allison is one of the most talented designers that I have ever worked with. Give her an opportunity, she will amaze you. Get to know her, she will inspire you.

– Michael Westafer, CEO Roger West Creative


I spent my free time in high school playing around with Photoshop, animated gifs, and code. Little did I know this was the beginning of my career in technology. I graduated from The Art Institute of Tampa with my BFA in Interactive Media Design. After graduating, I worked at a handful of marketing and advertising agencies where I gained hands-on-experience designing and launching brands, campaigns, websites, and digital products.

I was an early employee of Treehouse, an online school that brings affordable technology education to people everywhere. I taught courses on design, front-end development, and other fundamentals for creating websites and apps. In addition to my courses, I also created, co-produced, and hosted several mini series.

I led product design for series A funded Vegas based startup JobHive, and worked at Basecamp as half their marketing team during the launch of BC3. I led design of a new product from Redgate Software called SQL Clone, a product I worked on while living in the UK. More recently, I worked at Starbucks as a senior UX designer on a new enterprise product for managers to run their store.

My experiences in product and background in marketing led me to design & launch a product that made it easier for teams to capture and automate user feedback and share product vision and updates with a public roadmap.

Things I'm proud of

Just as comfortable with visual design as I am with UI/UX and front-end dev.

I've designed workshops and educational courses. Presented on camera about design.

I have experience with business and consumer products, familiar with the challenges with each.

I've worked in offices, solo, remote, and abroad in very diverse teams.

I've created and launched my own product to market. I think high level about strategy but also get hands-on.

I have experience working for startups all the way up to fortune 500.

Companies I've worked for

Allison is fearless and principled as a designer; she’s always ready to challenge assumptions that have been made and think about what the right course of action is.

– Adam Parker, UX Lead at Redgate