Allison is one of the most talented designers that I have ever worked with. Give her an opportunity, she will amaze you. Get to know her, she will inspire you.

– Michael Westafer, CEO Roger West Creative

About Allison

I spent my free time in high school playing around with Photoshop, animated gifs, and code. Little did I know this was the beginning of my career in technology.

I enrolled at The Art Institute of Tampa, where I earned my BFA in Web Design & Interactive Media, while also working at a print shop to gain real-world experience. My professor hired me during my junior year to work for his marketing agency, where I would spend 3 years under his mentorship, getting hands-on-experience designing and launching brands, campaigns, and websites.

I left the ad scene behind in 2011 when I became an early stage employee at Treehouse, writing and teaching courses on design and tech related career skills. I also learned a ton about video production, presenting and interviewing on camera, and content creation.

Allison is an expert at Web Design and User Experience. She has up-to-date knowledge and she also has a great eye for design. She's friendly and takes ownership of company culture.

– Ryan Carson, Founder & CEO Treehouse

I loved teaching but eventually left out of the desire to lead product, which is exactly what I did. I moved to Las Vegas and landed lead product design at a startup, JobHive. Here I would gain experience in product and leading design. Jobhive ultimately failed, and unexpectedly became a crash course on raising capital, founder relationships, and board/investor dynamics.

I moved on to an exciting remote opportunity with Basecamp, where I worked as 1/2 of their marketing team on their brand, website, campaigns, and other creative work. Here I was introduced to the concept of Jobs to be Done, a technique they use at Basecamp not just in product but in marketing as well. Having admired Jason Fried for some time, it was a rewarding experience to learn and soak up.

A lifelong dream of living in England came true in 2015. I lived in Cambridge, United England for over two years where I'd work as a User Experience Designer for a software company called Redgate. Not only was it great experience learning how people work outside of America but I was able to lead design of a product from strategy through to launch inside of an enterprise company.

Allison is the difference between a good product, and a great one.

– Jonathan Roberts, Tech Lead at Redgate

It was during my time at Redgate doing research and talking to users that I started working on my own side products, namely Roadmap, a product I co-founded and launched with two co-founders. We brought it to 5 figures in MRR, grabbed the attention of Slack as an investor, and acquired customers from companies like Github, Pinterest, and other big brands. (I've since parted ways.)

I relocated back to the US in 2017, where I joined the san Francisco startup Lightning AI as Head of Design. I created their brand identity, website, and was working on strategy for building a SaaS product on top of their unique algorithm that scales and automates advertising on Google and Facebook.

Over the years, I've developed a strategic and hands-on approach to build and bring new products to market as fast as possible to test them with real people.

Allison is fearless and principled as a designer; she’s always ready to challenge assumptions that have been made and think about what the right course of action is.

– Adam Parker, UX Lead at Redgate

Things I'm proud of

Developed a strong background in marketing and advertising

Just as comfortable with visual design as UI/UX and front-end dev.

Written curricula and educational courses. Presented on camera about design.

Worked on both B2B and B2C products, intimately know the challenges with each.

I have experience working on very technical products with developers and data scientists.

I've worked in offices, solo, remote, and abroad in very diverse teams.

I've worked at startups that have failed. I've learned the hard way what will make you fail before even launching a product to market.

I've created and launched my own product to market. I can think high level about the business and get my hands dirty in the details.

Great Companies I've Worked With